Super Pang (World 900914) – Coin Op

Super Bang is a sequel to the 1989 original in which one or two players control characters armed with harpoon guns who must destroy the numerous different-sized balloons that bounce around each single-screen stage. When hit by a harpoon, the balloons break down into smaller fragments, in a similar fashion to Atari’s 1979 classic, “Asteroids”.

Players can only fire the harpoon guns virtually upwards but can move left and right and climb the ladders that appear on many of the stages. The game has two different modes of play:

In this mode, players face an endless rain of bubbles and must simply last as long as possible. The default weapon is the bubble shot and cannot be changed at any time. Each time a bubble is popped, a rainbow bar at the bottom is slowly filled. Filling the bar all the way raises the level number and the bar depletes back to zero. As more bubbles are popped, both remaining and incoming bubbles move faster. A ‘Panic’ music plays when there’s a very large amount of bubbles on the screen, but the normal music returns once enough bubbles are popped.

There is also one special type of bubble that appears rarely. The bubble has a clock image engraved. Whenever the bubble bounces, the engraving changes to a star, and when the bubble bounces again, the engraving changes back to a clock. Popping the bubble when the clock engraving is present causes all bubbles to stop movement completely for 9 seconds, while popping the bubble when the star engraving is present causes all bubbles to be popped and the game screen gets cleared.

In this mode players move from stage to stage, travelling around the world. The introductory stage is set in Japan and is the only stage set in this location. After Japan, players travel to parts of Asia, Europe and the Americas. Each location has three stages, with each set at a different time of day: daytime, evening and night. The few exceptions to the three-stage rule are Venice (evening and night stages only), The Mayan Ruins and the Caribbean Sea (both having only day and evening stages).

Each stage has a set layout, consisting of walls, destructible glass walls, invisible walls, ladders and ice. There are forty different stages in the Tour mode.

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