WWF WrestleMania 2000 – Nintendo 64

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 is THQ’s first WWF licenced game after making two previous WCW titles. Wrestlemania 2K picks up where WCW/NWO Revenge left off. The graphics are by far superior as well is the animation. Wrestlemania 2K adds three highly sort after features: Cage match, custom entrances and Create A Wrestler feature. Wrestlemania 2K features more than 50 real WWF stars as well as the option for 16 custom wrestlers. All the wrestlers come with their real-life theme music, entrance videos (made into slide shows) and entrance performances. A great improvement over the previous game is the “road to Wrestlemania”…

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WWF War Zone – Nintendo 64

One of the first wrestling games for the Nintendo 64, and one of the many for the Playstation. The Playstation version has better, CD quality music, but has less features. One of the main attractions was that WWF’s Steve Austin did a lot of voice acting for it, although the other wrestlers don’t have nearly as much speech. Features include custom player made wrestlers, as well as the real wrestlers, many different game types (single player, multiplayer, royal rumbles, cage matches, etc.), but the career mode is where the action is, and you can build up your wrestlers strengths, and…

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WWF Attitude – Nintendo 64

WWF Attitude was the third wrestling game by Acclaim for the Sony Playstation. It was also the second WWF 3D wrestling game for the system. This game was the followup to the commercial success WWF War Zone. At the time it was the wrestling game to have featured the most modes. The 20 or so game modes included specialty matches like royal rumble, survivor series, tornado matches and more. Also featured was a new career mode compared to that of WWF War Zone, realistic entrances and a first ever Create a PPV mode. The game featured over 40 of the…

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Wipeout 64 – Nintendo 64

WipeOut 64 takes place between WipeOut XL (2097) and WipeOut 3 (2116), in the year 2098. WO64 is essentially WipeOut XL 2 (or occasionally dubbed WipeOut XXL) in that most aspects of the game are the same as XL. Same selection of ships, same handling system but using the analog control stick instead of the d-pad, even similar graphics. Don’t think for a minute with all the similarities, that this is the same game by any means though… 1. Piranha is now capable of using weapons 2. Each team has a special weapon of their own Completely new tracks 3.…

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Virtual Chess 64 – Nintendo 64

Virtual Chess 64 is probably the only chess game that was created for the Nintendo 64 console. It features both 2D and 3D graphics that the player can choose according to his/her own preference. It also features mini cut scenes when a pawn loses to another where cartoon – like characters that represent the pawn that attacks and the pawn that loses fight each other. The AI of the game though is extremely high even in the easy levels.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter – Nintendo 64

Much like your usual 1st person shooter, although with dinosaurs as your main enemy. Includes 14 high tech weapons, like the Quad Rocket Launcher and the Atomic Fusion Cannon. You control Turok, who must take on the Campaigner and his highly evolved dino’s. The objective is to collect pieces of the Chronoscepter, which is the only weapon that can help to destroy the Campaigner, and to stop him from using the power of the weapon to destroy the Lost Land.

Turok 3 – Shadow of Oblivion – Nintendo 64

Older than time itself, a savage cosmic entity called Oblivion exists only to devour everything in its path. Two new Turok warriors, Danielle and Joseph Fireseed must face this evil. The heritage of Turok and all humankind depends on them. Join the legacy. Over 24 upgradable weapons to battle 40 new and original enemies! Intense multiplayer action – over 8 modes and 48 maps!

Turok 2 : Seeds Of Evil – Nintendo 64

Only evil this dark could bring him back. Only a game this big can do him justice. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil! Pick off distant enemies with deadly sniper weapons, and enjoy ferocious multi-player deathmatches!

Turok : Rage Wars – Nintendo 64

Since time began, Turok has maintained the balance between good and evil with the Light Burden. A vessel that holds the power of creation. Now, fierce wars are fought for control. You must prove yourself worthy to wield the Light Burden. You must relive the challenge of your ancestors and survive the RAGE WARS! Featuring brutal heart-pounding deathmatches, lethal weapons with unimaginable power, and 8 savage game modes, including co-op mission-based gameplay, Team Bloodlust, Frag Tag and more!

Toy Story 2 : Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! – Nintendo 64

The Countdown to Adventure is On! As space hero Buzz Lightyear, you’ve got your hands full. Your best buddy, Woody, has been kidnapped by a greedy toy collector and it’s going to be an all-out race against time to save him. It’s all up to you… Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! Spin, spring, somersault and bounce through 15 colorful, action-packed levels. Unlock special toy accessories to complete your missions, like cool rocket jet boots! Enjoy fast and fun 3D gameplay with your favorite characters from the movie!

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