Street Smart – Sega Mega Drive

An arcade beat ’em up, Street Smart puts you in the shoes of the ass-kicking “Karate Man” who decides to deliver a can of whup-ass to the reigning gang bangers in town.

The game is played from a side-scrolling third person perspective in which you can move in any direction in a closed arena (limited by the cheering crowds and other street elements). You have to face eight unique fighters in succession by using your attacks in standard beat ’em up fashion against the progressively more difficult adversaries.

As a unique feature, you can bet money on the outcome of the fights, and if you win you can use that money to upgrade your stats to suit your playing style. 2-player gameplay is included in a Vs mode (the arcade original had co-op gameplay) and a new special move that depletes part of your lifebar has been added.

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